About Me

Omid Akale has been a trusted advisor in the Twin Cities Real Estate industry since 2002. In 2013, Omid Akale founded Twin Cities Portfolio Group, Inc., to innovate the tried and true philosophy of

1) Sourcing great real estate investment opportunities for his clients, and

2) Finding great deals on great properties in the Twin Cities and surrounding metropolitan market areas for investors to flip or buy and hold.

The mission has since then remained the same, operating on a notion of creating solutions for distressed homeowners and motivated sellers while simultaneously acquiring great deals and manifesting profitable margins for investment clients, both small and large.

With personalized services that include a high level of dedication and problem-solving abilities, Omid Akale has helped clients achieve their profitability goals. Being detail-oriented, Omid Akale presents buyers and sellers with specialized knowledge, multiple options, and solutions customized for each client's individual goals. Omid Akale is skilled at navigating the balance between macro and micro level real estate operations, which has proven to be a valuable asset to his clients.

From 2002 onward, Omid Akale has refined his expertise in real estate consultation, investment, sales, and valuation. Omid Akale has forged strategic partnerships while working with Coldwell Banker, Keller Williams, Bridge Realty, Realty Group, National Realty Guild, Satori Mortgage, DG Equities, and the Twin Cities Portfolio Group. By performing bank valuations, market analyses, PCRs (Property Condition Reports), and BPOs (Broker Price Opinions) on over 6,000 properties, Omid Akale has gained extensive experience in the real estate industry, business development, coaching, recruitment, and acquisition management.

To better inform and advise his clients, Omid Akale has completed multiple specialized continuing education courses, achieved certification as a Distressed Property Expert and Investor Agent Specialist, and has also obtained the designation of G.R.I.

Understanding strategic variables that impact investment growth and success, Omid Akale has developed a proven strategy for pricing, marketing, securing financing, acquisitions, and razor-sharp, synergistic negotiating. This is the foundation for Omid Akale’s thorough understanding of the diversity of the Twin Cities, housing needs, investment strategies, and the distinct array of styles and needs of his clients.

Omid Akale maintains a powerful local, national and international network, has a diverse background, and speaks both English and French. The talented professionals on his real estate team share his vision, passion, and complement his abilities and progression in acquisition, client care, marketing, technology, and sales. In addition, Omid Akale’s diligent industry research and insight allow him to be a go-to source for the best and most timely information to aid decision-making.

Omid Akale is as committed to growth and innovation as he is to serving his clients.

Omid Akale is an avid reader, hiker, mountain biker, snowboarder, and soccer enthusiast, and enjoys traveling often for adventure.


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