Omid Akale Discusses How Strategy Is an Essential Part of Real Estate Success

Omid Akale (10)

Omid Akale recently discussed how strategy is an essential part of real estate success.

EDEN PRAIRIE, MN / A properly-designed strategy can lead to success in nearly any business venture. However, many new realtors may not understand just how advantageous a real estate marketing strategy can be in expanding your sales. Omid Akale has been a trusted advisor for real estate sales and investment in Minnesota for 20 years. He is a Certified Investor Agent Specialist, a Certified Distressed Property Expert, and has the G.R.I. designation.

Omid Akale values a strategic approach to real estate success. He recently explained that understanding possible variables that impact real estate success can significantly differ in the sales and profits you experience. He has developed proven strategies for pricing, securing financing, staging for sales, razor-sharp negotiation, and of course, marketing. Omid Akale recently discussed several real estate marketing strategies that can improve your sales.

“Realtors must fully understand the target market for each home,” Omid Akale said. “If the home is located near a popular school, you’ll want to market to parents who are interested in their kids attending this facility. A home in a popular area for retirees will need an entirely different marketing strategy.”

Omid Akale explained that creating a quality marketing strategy also means properly budgeting for marketing expenses. Marketing in cities usually involves far more use of internet-based marketing outlets than marketing homes in rural areas. Omid Akale added that choosing the best marketing outlet relies on your target audience, as mentioned above.

“Being on top of all communication is an absolute must for real estate agents,” Omid Akale said. “A matter of minutes and hours can be the difference between getting a deal and missing one.”

Real estate advisor Omid Akale stated that it’s essential that realtors respond to client texts and emails as quickly as possible. Promptly replying is a strategy that can improve a realtor’s reputation and credibility.

“One of the easiest and most affordable ways to market right now is through social media and your website,” Omid Akale said. “It doesn’t matter if you’re selling to a city-based or rural audience; hyper-specific marketing is possible at a very low cost with social media marketing.”

Omid Akale finished by explaining that a quality website and social media marketing can help develop brand awareness, which is essential for your success. Develop your brand name and logo and get them out in the public as frequently and visibly as possible.

“Don’t expect your sales to triple overnight,” Omid Akale said. “Implementing these strategies and seeing results takes time. However, you’re practically guaranteed to see results if you put in the effort.”